The Little Big Kids

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Five little kids make their own TV show about the two things they are most interested in – food and play.

The Little Big Kids is a children’s TV series about food and play featuring five animated kids making their own magazine type show combining 3D and 2D animation, actors' performance and real-life segments

The five characters running the show are created in 3D and intended to look like 4-year-old kids even though their personalities are much older. The 'ability' to present and produce their own ‘show’ gives them magic and added appeal for their audience.

They each have a distinctive personality and different cultural background but they are like all little kids – in that they are progressively acquiring new skills, developing their own individual tastes in food and striving to be independent.

These five characters also appear in an imagined adventure-fantasy story within the program, where they are re-interpreted as 2D Flash animation versions of themselves with added powers and abilities.

There's Sandy, a slightly tubby four-year-old from a land-locked Melbourne suburb. He’s got a terrific backyard cubby-house and with his neighbour Rose, 5, has turned it into a TV studio. They’ve decided to make a show about two things they are really into – food and play.

Their show is like the morning talk shows where two hosts sit there discussing things and presenting different stuff, but in this case it’s a lot of funny stuff to do with food and play. Chatterbox Rose is doing most of the talking while Sandy sits there dreaming up all sorts of things.

Three friends from the neighbourhood help them out. There’s Shane, the skinny blonde-topped surf-rat they call Snake. He’s their fearless playground reporter and camera operator. And clever Prue - the producer, who’s satchel-bag is really doing all the producing – a veritable delicatessen. Doing his surprising animal imitation dance moves is little Jimmy, the nature boy who also does sound.

This is but a taste of what’s in store for TV fixated pre-schoolers when The Little Big Kids get their own show on air – stay tuned…

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* Before formulating the concept for The Little Big Kids series James researched and wrote this background paper outlining the current children's health situation and setting out the objectives of GrowFit Media - company he formed with business partner David Dickeson.